ER for the Soul --name for title was given by David James,
Vietnam Veteran

"This book exudes of life experiences and adaptive techniques. Upon careful reading of antidotes and techniques, I concluded that it is an understatement to say that Donna saves lives. Her techniques are such that veterans are more likely to have full and quality lives. It is an excellent piece of literature for the expert and novice care giver."

Patrick A. Grady,PhD

Author Donna Arz, Ph.D - 

has spent more than ten years working with military Veterans, teens, and her private clients to assist them in restoring balance in their life after the experience of trauma. Her current book, ER for the Soul, explores the result of trauma on the human body and soul. Dr. Arz explains the solution as she sees it from her unique perspective.

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The Forgotten Soldier Program located in Auburn, California.

The Forgotten Soldier Program [FSP] is an innovative 501c3 nonprofit organization that was started in
December of 2005.  We received our Tax ID number on 8 April 2010 and over the past 10 years FSP has helped over 22,000 veterans and their family members. 

Each year we attend 4 Stand Downs, and provide 65 Holistic Health Care sessions to veterans each month at our office in Auburn, California.  We participate monthly in an outreach program at the Vet Center on Howe Ave in Sacramento and see up to 40 veterans each time. We offer a Community Healing Day in the Fall for Veterans and their family sponsored by the American Legion Post 84 in Auburn and hosted at the Veterans Memorial Hall.  The Sacramento Mather VA Hospital regularly refers people to us in addition to seeing up to 40 women Veterans monthly.  For the past 5 years Wounded Warriors have been referred to us from the Active Duty Community Based Warrior Transition Unit from Fort Lewis Washington that were stationed at McClellan Air Force Base.  FSP has developed strong bonds with Active Duty, CA National Guard, Reserve and Veterans of all eras and still maintain those bonds. 

FSP provides comprehensive transitional therapies WITHOUT charge to Veterans and their family members.  Our goal is to help overcome Moral Injuries, TBI, PTSD, and MST (military sexual trauma) The whole team at FSP is dedicated to and passionate about working with Veterans of every era and their Family Members.  We assist in the healing process of emotional and spiritual trauma and physical symptoms with Holistic Therapy, Educational Programs, and Resources and Transitional Tools.


 Where there are needs, we will be there lending a hand, reintegrating veterans back into civilian life.


“Speech is the voice of the heart.” 
― Anna Quindlen


You are cordially invited to celebtate along with FSP, local businesses, and Veterans in community events that promote......FUN!!  

The bill was introduced into the House of Representatives earlier this year by Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA). Should it pass, the bill will require the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct research and develop a comprehensive plan for including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among its medical services currently provided to veterans.

The bill would establish a three-year program to “assess the feasibility and advisability” of integrating of CAM within VA medical centers. It  [VeteranMeditation] would also evaluate wellness programming as a complementary approach to mental health care for veterans and their family members.

Additionally, Brownley’s bill calls for the education of healthcare professionals at the VA, which would include training on the effectiveness of various CAM therapies and their integration into mainstream treatment. It would also require the Department to study the barriers to holistic services encountered by veterans, as well as by practitioners and healthcare administrators in the VA system.Type your paragraph here.

What this means...

A promising new bill aims to expand access to holistic healthcare services for US military veterans.

Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recovery Act or the COVER Act.


Establishes the Veterans Expedited Recovery Commission to:
examine the efficacy of the evidence-based therapy model used by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for treating mental health illnesses of veterans and identify areas to improve wellness-based outcomes; conduct a patient-centered survey within each of the Veterans Integrated Service Networks to examine the experience of veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) when seeking medical assistance for mental health issues through the VA health care system, their experience with non-VA facilities and health professionals for such issues, their preferences regarding available treatments for such issues and which methods they believe to be most effective, their experience with complementary alternative treatment therapies, the prevalence of prescribing prescription medication among veterans seeking treatment through the VA health care system to address mental health issues, and the Secretary's outreach efforts regarding the availability of benefits and treatments for such issues; examine available research on complementary alternative treatment therapies for mental health issues (including music, yoga, and meditation therapy) and identify what benefits could be made with the inclusion of such treatments for veterans; and study the potential increase in claims relating to mental health issues submitted by veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or Operation New Dawn. Directs the Secretary, upon a report by the Commission, to submit:
(1) an action plan for implementing recommendations and a time frame for implementing complementary alternative treatments, or
(2) a justification for any determination that a recommendation is not appropriate and an alternative solution to improve the efficacy of the therapy model.

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